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My name is Bradley St Rohrs, but in the Chinese community I am known as "面包“. I have been with my wife Sunny, who is from Beijing, for five years. Many of you may know us from the business community, or at least have seen our companies' ads, but this time I am coming to you for a different purpose: I have decided to run for Congress in congressional district 6 of Maryland. Being in business I am often shocked at how inefficient our government is and how little our politicians seem to care about representing our interests. 

I want to bring us the best education, drive out gang members, and support policies that lead to the greatest amount of prosperity. We need to be the leaders in technology and support our research institutions. However for far too long Asian Americans have been treated badly by Washington DC. The Asian community pays so much in taxes yet does not get any good return for their money.  

It starts by ending the quota systems that go against Asians. Discrimination against asians in student admissions in higher education institutions must end if American universities truly value intellectual achievement and diverse perspectives. Policies applying quotas against accomplished students because of their ancestry or country of origin are discriminatory. No college or university applying a racial test in selection students to admit should be eligible for federal funds. I will be introducing legislation MY FIRST DAY in office to ban this.

As a congressman I will immediately start working day 1 to ensure our schools and infrastructure are properly funded without bureaucrats and redundant administrators misallocating our resources. I will work with the state department to make it more straight forward to transfer money from China to invest in America. I will work to double funding for cancer and medical research in our region by cancelling foreign aid and bringing that money back home.

And perhaps most importantly, I will always be there for you. While many politicians try to avoid their constituents we will actively work to make sure your needs are met. But we can't do this alone. I need your support. Join my campaign on wechat (scan below), register to volunteer, and of course your generous donation would help greatly.

I look forward to serving you!

In Liberty,

Bradley St Rohrs (面包)






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