America First!


Nobody likes to think that they are an after thought, yet to many elected officials the American people are simply a nuisance that they must tolerate every election cycle in order to maintain power. Our elected officials are so detached from reality that they cannot differentiate between the interests of America and the interests of their special interest groups. The American people want to know that the policies their elected officials support are in America’s own interest. As your representative I will oppose any policy or legislation that places the needs of a special interest group or foreign government over the needs of our citizens. I will only support policies that place America first

The pillaging of our country ends now.

American’s are tired of our treasury being used to bail out foreign companies while veterans are told they must wait for health care. We are tired of billions of dollars in aid going to foreign governments (many that hate us) while our research institutions are told we cannot find the funding for the studies that could lead to a cure for cancer. We are tired of our intellectual property being stolen by foreign companies while our ineffective state department looks the other way. We are tired of asymmetrical trade deals that send our high tech factories overseas while those same countries place massive tariffs on American manufacturing.

These are just a few of the ways our country is being robbed daily yet few in Washington seem to care. It’s time we change this. We need to greatly limit the influence of lobbyists and make sure the politicians answer to their constituency. This starts right now with this election.

Many of us are working hard to drain the swamp. We reject special interest money and the false promises of the political elite. The establishment sits with a befuddled look on their face, wondering so many career politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, are being voted out of office in record numbers. The answer is simple: The American people are smart and know they are being ripped off.

The true injustice though is that after being voted out of office elected office by an angry electorate, these former politicians are often given lucrative seven figure jobs at the special interest groups whose interests they placed over the American people. We need to end this destructive cycle where our country is quite literally sold out by our politicians for pennies on the dollar.

Make no mistake, Washington DC has earned its pejorative name, the swamp. Corruption has gone on unimpeded for far too long. The media has turned a blind eye to bribery while special interest groups, not the American people, are given a seat at the table. With your support we can drive out this den of vipers that is destroying our country and make our country great again.

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