About Brad

profile1.jpgBrad St. Rohrs is a lifelong resident of Maryland. He graduated from UMBC with degrees in Financial Economics and Accounting. He lives in Germantown, Montgomery County with his wife Sunny who has been by his side the five years. Brad and Sunny met while she attended graduate school in Cambridge, Massachusetts and, despite the long distance, they formed an inseparable bond. Together they decided to settle in the beautiful state of Maryland where they plan to raise their family. Brad and Sunny currently attend Mother Seton Parish off of Father Hurley Boulevard. 

In their free time, Brad and Sunny enjoy working out, biking in the local parks, renovating houses, and cooking with their friends. Together they have adopted and fostered several dogs and care passionately about the welfare of animals. In his professional life Brad runs a successful real estate practice enabling him to help hundreds of Marylanders achieve their dream of home ownership. Being an early investor in digital currencies has allowed Brad the financial ability to not only give back to the community but to also run a campaign free from special interests. 

Like many Americans, Brad is concerned with the direction of this great country. He is frustrated that the career politicians in Washington DC have been so insulated from the challenges confronting regular Americans. While many politicians will pretend to put the interests of constituents first, and routinely regale the electorate with hollow promises, Brad will not make promises he cannot keep. With savings rates being almost zero, college tuition exploding, jobs going overseas, and health care affordability worsening, Brad knows that we can no longer ignore the challenges we face. These are the why Brad Rohrs abandoned the sidelines to enter the race Maryland’s sixth congressional district.

Through his two decades in the real estate industry Brad would regularly review the finances of prospective home owners and tenants. He noticed a troubling trend; despite optimistic economic outlooks being reported in the mainstream media, more and more Marylanders were struggling financially. Families that fifty years ago would have been thriving found themselves in a financial tailspin. This is unacceptable in a country as great as ours. Brad wants to fight for an economy where our kids are not lured into non-dischargeable debt by unscrupulous educational institutions, where we defend life, where our constitutional rights are protected, and where we end asymmetrical trade deals that were written by foreign lobbyists to undermine the salaries of the American workers.

 Brad Rohrs believes that there is no place in the United States of America for the derisive narratives perpetually poisoning our media and political discourse. He wants us to cease subsidizing the defense of foreign countries and redirect the funding towards the next generation of medical and scientific research. He wants a country where we look towards a bright future for all Americans and not the next election cycle. Brad Rohrs is a proud signer of the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge and will not support any new taxes on American workers. He is an NRA member who will defend the second Amendment. With your support, Brad will help make our country great again.

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